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Man stabs Muezzin inside Kano mosque



Adamu Kanunu

Amina Yusuf Ali

A homeless man has stabbed the Muezzin of Ɗanfodiyo mosque in ‘Ƴar Kasuwa Sheka Acilafiya area of Kano metropolis.

KANO TODAY reports that the man, Ahmad Kibla stabbed Adamu Kanunu after  Magrib prayer on Monday.

An eyewitness told KANO TODAY that onlookers rescued Mr. Kanunu and attacked Mr. Kibla but the police were summoned to intervene.

The eyewitness alleged that the suspect had been threatening to kill the Muezzin but had not disclose any reason.

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The victim, who is also a Hisbah officer, said he will not sue the suspect because, according to him Mr. Kibla is mad.

Mr Kanunu said he has known Kibla since he was deported from Saudi Arabia.

He alleged that Kibla is mentally unstable and could be aggressive sometimes.

He therefore called on the authorities and community members to be monitoring the mad people around them as they may look harmless but  are capable of harming people.

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