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Man accused of divorcing friend’s wife




By Aminu Halilu T/Wada

A resident of Kabara ward in Kano city has been remanded in police custody for allegedly divorcing his friend’s wife without the knowledge of the friend.

Kariballah Yahaya Lawan is accused of divorcing the wife of Musa Dahiru resident of Kura town via a phone call.

Musa Dahiru told an Upper Sharia Court that he was in Lagos on December 11, 2018 when his wife called him to acknowledge the receipt of a message informing her that he has divorced her.

He told the court that he denied ever sending the message and when he traced the phone number he found that it belonged to his friend Kariballah Yahaya Lawan.

Thereafter he called Lawan who admitted that he had indeed sent the message, said Dahiru.

However after some days Lawan and some police officers visited the plaintiff and intimidated him to withdraw the allegation, Dahiru added.

The defendant however denied the charge.

He said his friend was using the allegation to smear his name after falling out over a financial issue.

Lawan told the court that both of them work for an organisation called Human Rights Watch of Nigeria, which appointed Dahiru to set up its office in Kura.

Dahiru however misappropriated the money to other purposes, Lawan said.

The defendant called the plaintiff but Dahiru’s wife picked up the phone and told him that she would inform when he returned, Lawan said.

He added that he was shocked when Dahiru called him later accusing him of divorcing his wife.

He therefore took the case to Kura police station for resolution.

The presiding judge, Saminu Kamilu, adjourned hearing and ordered the defendant to be remanded until the police got a recording of the traced phone call.

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