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Animal prices soar in Kano as Eid-el-Adha approaches



Hauren Makaranta

Nusaiba Ibrahim Na’abba

Prices of animals have soared in Kano markets as Eid-el-Adha approaches.

A market survey by KANO TODAY finds that the ram that was sold at N35,000 last year now costs N45,000.

Also a cow that cost N50,000 last year costs about N70,000 this season.

Additionally, camel prices start from N250,000 now instead of N200,00 last year.

The animals are costlier than last year because farm produce are cheap, says chairman, Hauren Makaranta Animal Market, Mansur Ashura.

“Whenever farm produce are cheap, villagers do not get enough income to satisfy their needs. That is why they have to raise the prices of their animals.” He said.

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