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2019 and the menace of political posters in Kano



Posters on Kano Wall

By Bala Nasir

Once again politics is in the air in the country.

As the general election is coming up in less than a month, flag-bearers of respective parties are gearing up to get people to vote for them.

As usual, politicians are perfecting moves that will cajole voters to vote in their favour.

One of these moves is by printing posters and pasting them on all available spaces they could.

Though candidates do not directly paste the posters, they are the ones who mandate their supporters to paste on walls and other available spaces in and around cities, towns and villages all over the country.

In Kano, such bills have already start dotting almost everywhere in the city especially government buildings which by way of our attitude are considered ‘no man’s land’ hence the reason for de-facing them by all manner of posters.   

These posters that are usually printed in various colours and sizes, compete to outdo each other in capturing the attention of passers-by and for the most curious among them to want to read the inscription.

That is why the posters were mostly placed on the most vivid locations on highways, major streets and even in towns and villages.

The desperation in our politicians is expressed clearly in some of the pictures as some posters portray candidates raising their hands implying supplication to God who is the giver of power to whoever He so wishes.

Some are seen with rosaries in a public display of their level of devotion to God so that it could fetch for them voters’ sympathy which may translate into votes for them.

The most astonishing aspect of these posters is the amount of money spent on them going by the expensive nature of printing in the country.

Meanwhile, according to the law of demand and supply, when demand is high, supply will be low and therefore, price increases.

As such the cost of printing all these posters is better left to the imagination as some candidates print more than one type of poster.

One other thing is that these posters that dotted spaces in and around cities, towns and villages can be an eye-sore especially as they are pasted unprofessionally, as such, they are not properly pasted or arranged.

Also, the youths usually entrusted with the pasting of the posters are the ‘JAGALIYA’ type that are doing it for the sake of the money involved and nothing else.

“But it is high time this poster craze is brought to order with a view of sanitizing the environment from the filth usually associated with them in our cities, towns and villages.”

Usually the posters are pasted deep in the night by the youths who do not care about the eye sore they are causing as their pre-occupation is to finish with what they are given and move forward.

There is also the issue of de-facing structures like walls, sign-posts, public structures and even stationary vehicles on streets.

Sometimes the wind blows off these posters from the walls or other surfaces and the papers litter streets, making the environment filthy and forcing either government or the community to bear the cost of cleaning the streets.

Some posters produced in an elaborate size by way of bill boards are erected at various strategic locations in and around city centres depending on the constituency of the candidate.

In addition, supporters of various candidates are in the habit of defacing or tearing the posters of their opponents to express their disapproval.

Even the bill boards are not safe as some youths are wont to go up there and cut the pictures to shreds.

But it is high time this poster craze is brought to order with a view of sanitizing the environment from the filth usually associated with them in our cities, towns and villages.

An enabling law should be put in place to ensure this as in Jigawa where posters are disallowed in the state.

This is where the Kano State House of Assembly comes in because the legislature is responsible for making such a law.

Bala Nasir, journalist and public affairs analyst writes from Kano.

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